Wednesday, 19 March 2014


I chose photo number two, and I chose to do Peeta Melark's family crest from "the hunger games" book series. 

Gender Swap

For this quickwrite I decided to use the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series. Her name is Jill Sparrow and decided to make her the modern day, female, Jack Sparrow. 

Monday, 17 March 2014

Skype Reflection

1) For our skype reflection my group which consisted of Taryn, Jasmine and Ariane we were the introduction group and we presented what a six word memoir (story) actually is. With out audience we tried to talk in enthusiastic tones and made sure everyone in the group had a little bit to say. We used big papers with the numbers 1-6 written on them to show how many words are in six word memoirs.

2) I feel that our mini lesson went really, really well. I think we talked in good tones, and were very clear with what we were saying. We put glitter on the numbers we held up so that the kids would be more interested. I think we did a good job of using words that the kids would understand and all had an equal amount of talking to do. I think that we could have had another visual for out presentation just to make it even more exciting for the kids.

3) I learnt that you need to take it slow with teaching and need to be able to answer questions that they have for you. You need to explain very well the point that you are trying to get across and need to speak clearly. I think you need to have something fun about what you are trying to teach as well so that the mini lesson sticks out in their mind and they don'y just forget it the moment the skype call was over.

4) For our next skype call I think we should be able to let the kids show us their finish products of their six word memoirs. I'd like to see the difference between ours and theirs. I also think the kids would like showing us their six word stories because it is something to be proud of. 

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Take me back

With this weather all I can do is wish I was back in Florida right now swimming in the outdoor pool and snorkelling. Ah man, I wish. 

My Bestfriends

I wouldn't know what to do without these girls, we're like sisters. 

The Best Day Of My Life

This was the day I met my idol and my hero, Carey Price. It was 1 in the morning here and I waited around for him for around an hour or so, but I've never been so excited in my entire life. He signed the back of my jersey and I got this picture, that I will cherish forever.  After I met him, I called my mom immediately and cried of pure happiness for about 45 minutes. 

Comments Makeup Assignment

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Six Word Memoir 6


The image and the words go together because it says that I am still a kid at heart and I am laying in my fort and my boyfriend and I made which is a very childish thing to do. I added a cool effect so that the photo had some pop to it and looked more interesting. I used a period at the end of my sentence to show that the sentence was over. I used a childish font to imply that I am still a kid, and made it read to highlight my shirt in the photo. I put it at the bottom because it wouldn't look decent anywhere else.

Six Word Memoir 5


The image and the words fit together because it is my hockey team and we love each other like sisters and we are truly a family, we're always there for one another and can always make each other laugh, we fight but always make up and that's the best way to describe us. I did not add a effect on this photo because I think it's cool enough all by itself. I used a period at the end of my sentence to show I was done. I used a fun font because spending time with my hockey family is fun and we always have a good time together. I made it black so you could actually read it and at the bottom so that you look at the image before the words.

Six Word Memoir 4


The image and words go together because it is a photo of me wearing my hockey equipment and the words describe how hockey is my favorite thing to do and I love it more than anything. I added a colour enhancing effect for this photo so that the colours pop just like hockey pops out in my life as my favorite thing. I used a period at the end of my sentence to show that I was done the sentence. I chose blue font to add to the blue on my jersey and put it across the top to switch it up a bit.

Six Word Memoir 3

Growing up

The image and the words fit together because it is my kindergarten graduation beside a photo of my high school graduation and it shows how time goes by so quickly and before we know it we're already in our last semester of grade school. I added a effect on the photo called "rise" because it gives it a soft tone and I feel soft and sad about how fast time flies by. I used a period at the end of my sentence to show that the sentence was over. I used a fun font because I wanted to lighten up the fact that I am getting older. I made it white so that you could actually read it.

Six Word Memoir 2


The image and the words fit together because it is a picture of the winter and out recent really horrible weather, and the words explain that I just want it to be summer already. I am tired of the shitty weather and would like to swim in my pool and get a tan. I added a "burn" effect to the photo to help it look more gloomy. I added a question mark at the end of my sentence because it was in the form of a question I did not need any other punctuation in this sentence to get my point across. I used a pink font because pink is my favorite colour and wanted to show something pretty in the gloomy weather and wanted the words to pop. I put in horizontal because when I took the photo my phone was horizontal so i wanted them to be facing the same way.

Six Word Memoir 1


The image and the words fit together because this is a photo of my boyfriend and I and we are in love, and our hearts beat together as one because we are an "us" and we are together body, mind and soul. On this photo I added a "burn" effect and heightened the contrast. I used a period at the end of my sentence to show that the sentence was over, I didn't any other punctuation to help explain myself. I added a cursive text because cursive is a romantic font, and it is myself and my boyfriend of almost two years. I put the text at the bottom of the image so that people first look at the image before they read the text, you need to understand the picture before you can understand the sentence. 

Photo Scavenger Hunt #2

From left to right:

1. Metaphoto/When I was little- This photo is taken from my iphone and the actual picture is on my ipad. This is me when i was little and I was in dance classes and was actually pretty good, i eventually quit to play hockey but it was a huge part of my life.
2. Metaphoto- This is a photo of inside my grade 11 year book and it is a photo of me doing the thing i love most, playing hockey.
3. Metaphoto- This is a photo of a photobooth slip when my boyfriend and I went on our first date, we went into the photo booth and took these wonderfully embarrassing photos.
4. Close-up- This is my favorite teddy bear of all time, Mister Bear. He isn't actually a bear, he's a puppet. I've had him since I was 6 months old and I will always have him.
6. Words/Letters- This is a picture i found online and it is a quote that i highly believe in, you can find this at:
8. Alone- This is a photo of me sitting all alone in the creepy hallway to represent feeling alone.
9. Past/Future- This is my kindergarden graduation photo beside my highschool graduation photo, it's crazy to see these side by side to see the difference. 

Monday, 3 March 2014

Fashion Show!

This was probably one of the best nights of my life, we worked so hard to put all of this together and it was amazing to see it all come together. All of the seniors joining as one to preform a show! Everyone looked amazing and I love the tribute to the Olympics theme we had, my group got Korea and the closing ceremonies, so it was pretty cool to wrap things up at the end and be the big finale technically. Anyways, that night was perfect and we made memories that will last a lifetime.

Photo Scavenger Hunt

In order from left to right:

1. Love: This is a picture of me and my boyfriend of a year and 9 months, he is my first love and I think this is a good representation of the theme because we love each other. 
2. Hate: Sushi, I detest sushi, no matter how many times I try it and try to be open minded I really hate it.
3. Friendship: This is my friend Alexa and I and we have been bestfriends since grade 7, and we've been through some rough times but managed to still to this day be bestfriends and I couldn't ask for anyone better. 
4. Symbolism: It is a picture of a dried out red rose and it represents love. 
5. Black & White: This is a picture of my other bestfriends and I, I love how it shows us in the moment and how truly happy we are to be together. 
6. Passion: This is a picture of Carey Price and I, he is the starting goalie of the Montreal Canadiens. I have many passions and this photo represents all of them. Hockey, Montreal Canadiens, goaltending and Carey Price. 
7. Talent: My talent is hockey, I have been playing for 12 years and it is what I am best at. 
8. Family: This is my hockey team, we are truly one big family. We argue of course but we will always be there for each other. We support each other through anything and whenever you need someone you can count on them to be there. We all love each other and it's such an amazing group of all sorts of different people from different spiral groups and it's awesome. 
9. Confession: This is me in a fort that I and my boyfriend made, my confession is that I am still a little kid at heart. 

Reading Tweets #4

Allegiant; page 1-174


Remember when I couldn't choose between Dauntless and Abegnation? #lol #TBT 

Who is Edith Prior? She's related to me? The woman who started whatever is outside the fence? 

What could possibly be outside the fence? #iwonder

Evelyn should get off her high horse and be friends with me. #youregonnabemymotherinlaw

I'm so happy Christina and Cara got released without questioning. 

They've been hiding this "America" place from us? We're some sort of experiment? 

My mother knew about this...she didn't come to save me at Erudite....I'm so confused.

They've been observing us...not helping us through all of this chaos.


I can't stop thinking about when Peter was holding her, lifeless. But she was just drugged.. #TBT

Feeling her lips against mine, I truly love her <3 

Is it bad that I'm happy that people are working against my mother? #sorrynotsorry

My mother has been so much more open to me after I told her Tris and I broke up, even though it was a lie #fail

I still have four fears, but they've changed, that one of not being able to save Tris is the worst. 

I'm enjoying playing this little game on Caleb, he deserves it for what he did to Tris #sorrynotsorry

Amar is alive, and they faked his death #what 

Reading Assignment #3


Text to self connection:
Beatrice was having a very hard time deciding on where she belongs among the factions and couldn't decide what she would be best in, between taking a risk and choosing Dauntless or staying with what she knows and her family and choosing Abnegation. Beatrice not being able to decide who she is relates to me quite a bit. I have had a rough time trying to choose between two different paths for next year and what to take in University. I couldn't decide between going into the RCMP or going to University to become a lawyer. I didn't know what fit me best and what I would excel in. This is close to Beatrice's internal conflict because she can't decide her fate either. Eventually Beatrice chooses the risk with going to Dauntless and I have chosen to go to University to become a lawyer and we both love our decisions.

Text to text connection:
In Divergent we see an alternate reality where people don't have it very easy and there is a corrupt government, people are forced to choose a certain faction and can not do anything that involves an other faction or show qualities that apply to another faction, which I think is not ok because people are supposed to be able to be who they want. I see a text to text connection with Divergent and the Hunger Games. In the Hunger Games we see an alternate reality with a corrupt government also, children are choosing to fight to death which is publicly broadcasted across the country. This is also a life that would not be too fun to live in and it is the government trying to show their power over the people in all the wrong ways.

Reading Tweets #2

divergent/insurgent (all) these books are nothing like I thought they be, they're amazing view on a different reality #dystopian 

!- I totally think that there's an entire different world on the other side of the fences #prediction #bigidea 

Tris insists on being upset with Tobias even when she, herself doesn't want to be #letthelovethrive #comment #conflict

Why does Jeanine want to kill all of the Divergent? They aren't don't mean to harm the system #question 

What do you guys think that they're hiding on the other side of the fence? #discuss

Reading Tweets #1

Divergent, knock off of the Hunger Games. Currently on page 222 and it's pretty interesting, confusing but for sure interesting #intro 

Beatrice, three of the factions? Which one will she choose? I'm assuming she's gonna leave her faction #scandalous #question 

Judging by the fact the book is called "divergent" I'm gonna say that qualifying for 3 factions is called "divergent" #comment 

!- Beatrice's mother was Dauntless, I know it, how else would she know about the fight training? #didntseethatcoming #prediction 

if I got to pick a faction I think I'd choose dauntless. what about you guys? dauntless? abnegation? candor? erudite? amity? #discuss

Find Your Own Writing Prompt - Quickwrites #3

I completely agree with this statement if you are wasting time but enjoying yourself while doing so, is it really wasting time? I don't think so, I think it is time used just as valuable as time used productively. If you waste a few extra minutes in bed in the morning fiddling around with your husband it might be those extra 5 minutes that made your day great because you were in such a good mood. It could benefit you and in turn means that it was not time wasted. If you're enjoying yourself then you must be doing something good. 

Tumblr Writing Prompt - Quickwrites #2

I think most adults forget how hard it is to be a teenager, the emotions the changes you face, the hormones, the heart break. I think adults don't remember what its like to be young and growing still. I feel almost positive that I will never forget what it's like to be this age, but I know that I am wrong. Life gets in the way and people forget but it is very important to remember your childhood and to remember being a teenager, to remember all the hormones, heart break, love, loss has shaped who you are today and will keep influencing you through your entire life. Remembering all these things is remembering who you are and who you've been.  

Which Door? - Quickwrites #1

If I had to choose a door to step through I would choose the door to Narnia. Imagine stepping out into an entire different world, new creatures and a completely different universe. You could stay in Narnia for an eternity and the moment you step out it reacts as if you haven't even been gone for 10 minutes. Time literally stops, you could live as an older self in an alternate universe. This appeals to me because it would be awesome to escape reality and be a queen of Narnia and it wouldn't even take a moment of your time. You could meet amazing creatures and make new friends, it would be awesome.